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          I am a Vancouver, B.C. based photographer. I was a photography student at Langley Fine Arts School and had studied the medium for 4 years. 


          I have explored many different styles and mediums of photography. For the first few years of my studies, I mainly focused on landscape photography. In 2019, I did a series in urban exploration all located in the lower mainland of B.C. Urban exploration photography is defined as the art of finding old and abandoned buildings and locations, exploring them, and documenting their current state. This all black and white series was inspired by the Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, BC, and my love for all things abandoned. During the process of this series, I experimented with different colour schemes and editing styles but ultimately decided to stick to a simple and uniformed black and white, emphasizing the depth and rugged textures.


          Christian Richter, an urban exploration photographer, was a huge inspiration to me during the beginning stages of this series. He seemed to capture the buildings beautifully and his photos told a story effortlessly. Richter said in an interview that he “adore[s] old decaying architecture, the patterns and textures – remind [him] that everything is impermanent," and that the places that he photographs “aren't graves, they're secret histories waiting to be read”, both of those quotes resonated with me and my series bloomed from there.


          After diving in deep with that series, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and push myself to explore studio work with models as I felt I was lacking that experience. I had spent six months learning, practicing, and persevering through the use of low and high key lighting scenarios. Using the high contrast black and white look to play around with lines and illusions created by the human body. After many hits and misses, I learned what worked and what didn’t and with every shoot, I got closer to my goal. I used many mediums to portray my photographs. I used digital, 35mm film, and medium format film in my shoots to give a variety of feelings to my shots. 


          These explorations have impacted my skills in many ways and will help me with all my future photography endeavors.


A self-portrait inspired by Cindy Sherman's untitled film stills series

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